Bol Partner Program


As a Bol partner, you are part of the extensive e-commerce ecosystem of Bol, one of the largest online shopping platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a Bol partner, you gain access to a broad audience of millions of potential customers and benefit from the platform’s established reputation and trust.

As a Bol partner, you can easily sell your products on Bol and benefit from several advantages. One of the most important benefits is the exposure you get to the millions of users active on Bol every day. This increases the visibility of your products and increases the chances of sales.

The perfect listing on Bol


As a seller on Bol, creating an attractive product listing is essential to standing out in the sea of competition. With millions of products available to customers, it’s important to have a listing that stands out and inspires confidence among potential buyers. But what makes a perfect Bol listing? Here are some crucial elements to consider to make your products stand out and sell. Here’s how to build a killer listing!

Dropshipping on Bol


In 1999, bol opened its digital doors as the first bookstore in Europe. The name BOL stands for ‘Books OnLine’. The assortment then consisted of more than 140,000 books and unique was that customers could pay afterwards. Since 2004, bol has been selling much more than books, with the thought ‘why not just make buying books easier’? The range was expanded to include toys, entertainment and electronics. Fast forward to now: now Bol is active as a retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium and has millions of customers and sales are going through the roof. But is dropshipping on bol possible to start selling?

Outsource your Bol listing

Bol listing

Are you a driven entrepreneur with ambitious growth plans? Then Bol is a platform you cannot ignore. Bol offers entrepreneurs countless benefits and opportunities to present their products to a wide audience. With millions of visitors per month and an established reputation as a reliable online shopping platform, Bol is the perfect place to grow your business. But professional product listings are crucial to selling successfully on Bol. Why? We’re happy to explain that to you.

Your business on Bol

Zakelijk verkopen Bol

Are you selling products and want to scale it to a large audience? Then selling through Bol is an interesting option. Bol is one of the largest online shopping platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium, with millions of monthly visitors. By offering your products on Bol, you significantly increase your reach and visibility, which can lead to more potential customers.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of selling through Bol and how to get started. We also provide tips for achieving success on Bol. Are you ready to grow and scale your business? Then read on to learn more about business selling on Bol.