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The potential of marketplaces is enormous, provided that you choose the right approach. At Brand New Digital, we know exactly how to turn potential into success. Thanks to our expertise, we ensure that brands take their eCommerce to the next level with the help of marketplaces. 

How do we do it? Through advice and execution that precisely fit your (digital) marketing objectives. Whether it’s a seamless onboarding, converting product listings, smart advertising, or strategies, we ensure that you seize the opportunities that marketplaces offer.


If you want your brand to benefit from the success of marketplaces, incorporating a suitable strategy into your existing or future digital marketing strategy is a must. However, setting up a strategy is easier said than done.

Each marketplace is different and requires a different approach. The same goes for the companies that are on these platforms: which marketplace fits your ambitions and growth objectives? Where do you find the right target audience? How do you ensure synergy with your existing digital marketing strategy? And, not unimportantly, how do you successfully utilize marketplaces for your brand?

It all starts with a strategic plan. We conduct a thorough marketplace audit and provide insights into the opportunities and threats to the market position of your brand and that of your competitors. And which marketplace has the most potential. We brainstorm on how we can seamlessly integrate an independent marketplace strategy into your current marketing strategy.

Set-up &

Expanding your reach through marketplaces offers enormous opportunities for brands and producers to sell directly to consumers. Seize these opportunities and include marketplaces in your growth strategy. The first step in this? Onboarding.

Successful selling starts with a well-configured seller account. Brand New Digital takes care of this from start to finish. Setting up, configuring, linking, and everything that comes after. So that you can start selling quickly.


A smart listing optimization strategy is the foundation for selling organically. Good keywords, good photos, and good product information. Marketplaces are, in fact, search engines in themselves, with clever algorithms that show the right product to the right customer.

We design, create, build, and maintain content for high-quality product detail pages, A+ content, and store fronts. In addition, we are experts in Amazon brand registration, where we help brands protect their intellectual property (IP).


Advertising on marketplaces is different simply because the product is the advertisement. Findability and visibility are key. Sponsored positions provide control and require a smart advertising strategy.

We specialize in delivering results with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand advertising. By combining PPC skills with the key conversion drivers on marketplaces, such as content, fulfillment, and competition.

Strategy &

To help our clients succeed in the marketplace, we conduct frequent research to provide insights into their market position. With this information, we can help them make informed decisions about their growth strategy, product offerings, pricing, and advertising strategy. We can also leverage this data to explore opportunities to expand into new marketplaces or enter new countries.

Marketplace Academy

Whether you’re an eCommerce newbie looking to start your first venture or an experienced seller aiming to skyrocket your sales, our Marketplace Academy has something for everyone. Our mission is to empower you within 6 months with the knowledge and tools to turn your eCommerce dreams into a reality. 

Join us today and start your journey toward eCommerce success! Let’s build your eCommerce empire, one lesson at a time.

Our Courses: 


Book a free introduction call with one of your trained marketplace specialists. During a 30-minute meeting, we will let you know how you can create a successful business for your brand on marketplaces like Amazon or Bol.

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