Amazon FBA Course

Set up your own Amazon
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Join our program to master Amazon FBA and build your eCommerce empire. Discover the secrets to success in Fulfillment by Amazon through our comprehensive 6-month training. Gain expertise in product selection, sourcing, and creating compelling listings. Our personalized 1-on-1 coaching will equip you, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, to launch and grow a successful eCommerce business using Amazon FBA.

Why Choose Our Amazon FBA Training Module?

FBA Guidance

In 6 months, our seasoned e-commerce experts with a proven track record in FBA will walk you through every aspect of the program. From product sourcing and prep to shipping and customer service, you’ll learn from the best.


Our 1-on-1 training covers the A to Z of FBA, ensuring you understand the program’s intricacies. From optimizing product listings to managing inventory and handling returns, we’ve got you covered.


Learn to leverage data analytics to fine-tune your FBA strategy. Discover which products are trending, monitor your performance metrics, and make informed decisions that drive profitability.


Our modules are filled with practical tips, tricks, and real-life case studies that provide you with actionable insights to implement immediately.


Take your FBA business to the next level with advanced techniques for brand building, winning the Buy Box, and expanding to international markets.

Inside the 6-month Training module:

1. Introduction Amazon FBA

In the first month, you will get a solid understanding of the e-commerce landscape and the specific workings of the Amazon platform. You will learn how to identify profitable product categories, set up a sales account and understand the legal and financial considerations of starting an online business.

2. Product Research & Sourcing

The focus of the second month is on finding winning products, reliable suppliers and evaluating product quality and pricing. You’ll also learn how to create your own brand and what the best private label strategies are.

3. Listing Optimization

You will learn the art of crafting compelling product listings, optimizing content for visibility, and creating engaging visuals to drive customer engagement.

4. Marketing & Promotions

During the fourth month, you’ll develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored for Amazon. You’ll explore various promotional tools, including PPC campaigns and A+ content, to increase brand awareness and engagement. The focus is on analyzing data and optimizing campaigns for better returns.

5. Stock & cash flow management

The focus will be on efficient inventory management, understanding Amazon’s FBA logistics and optimizing inventory rotation to minimize costs.

6. Amazon Growth Strategies

In the final month, you focus on analyzing sales data, identifying growth opportunities and exploring international expansion opportunities. You’ll learn advanced strategies to scale your own brand and create a long-term business plan for sustainable growth and success.

What's Included:

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