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With a turnover of €5.5 billion, 13 million customers and more than 36 million products, Bol is the undisputed leader in the Dutch and Belgian online retail market. Bol has also been serving Belgium since 2002 and has been welcoming external sellers since 2011. Despite the competition from Amazon, people are choosing Bol en masse because of the large selection, low prices and user-friendly interface.

In short, Bol is the perfect choice for successful online sales in the Benelux. Want to know what the opportunities are for your brand on Bol? We offer you a free product scan to show you the possibilities.

About Bol

When bol started in 1999, the range consisted of 140,000 Dutch-language books. That number has now grown to more than 33 million items, spread over more than 20 product categories.

The main product categories are books and e-books, films, games, electronics and toys. In addition, there are also baby items, garden and handyman items, home items, pet supplies, sports items, leisure items and personal care products.

Since 2011, bol’s range has also been opened to external sellers. This means that shops and other companies can also sell their products via bol.

This development has several advantages for customers and sellers. This gives customers access to an even wider range, while sellers can increase their reach and turnover. Bol also benefits from this, because the company receives a small commission per product sold.

Verkopen op Bol: Alles over Bol
Verkopen op Bol: Alles over Bol

Start selling

Registering as a bol seller is a simple and cost-free process. Even uploading your product range can be done effortlessly using a spreadsheet or the marketplace’s API. However, that’s only the beginning. Achieving the maximum potential from your bol account requires expertise in competitive pricing, SEO, advertising, product listings, smart content, customer service, logistics, and strategy. That’s where a marketplace specialist can be invaluable.

Do you want to uncover your opportunities and learn how to seize them? Brand New Digital is pleased to offer a complimentary product analysis to give you a clear understanding of what to anticipate. To list on this marketplace, you must have a locally based company address. Once your sales account is created, you only pay a commission fee of 5-17% when your items are sold.

Advantages of Bol

Marketplaces have transformed the e-commerce industry and are here to stay as a permanent way of shopping. They have disrupted the traditional shopping process and have become the primary source of product discovery. Bol has emerged as the leading marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering several advantages such as:

Dropshippen via Bol
Dropshippen via Bol

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To create a succesfull business on Bol you need to understand the local market requirements and have the right consumer insights. We offer customized services tailored to your specific goals. Whether you need end-to-end services or just some guidance, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what we can do for you:

Discover your potential on Bol.

Request now a free product scan for your brand. One of our trained marketplace specialists will contact you to show you, during a 30-minute introduction, what the potential for your brand on Bol can be.

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