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ChannelEngine is a platform that helps you as an e-commerce seller to distribute and sell your products through different online marketplaces. This allows you to integrate your product offerings with major marketplaces such as Bol, Amazon, eBay and many more marketplaces, allowing you to expand your reach and reach more potential customers. ChannelEngine provides tools for product listing, inventory management, pricing, order fulfillment and reporting to help you efficiently manage and optimize your online sales activities. By using ChannelEngine, you can take advantage of huge customer bases from these marketplaces without having to manage all the complex integrations yourself.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, it is essential for brands to offer their products on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and drive sales. One of the leading tools helping brands meet this challenge is ChannelEngine. But what exactly is ChannelEngine and how can it contribute to the growth of brands on different European marketplaces? And how can Brand New Digital, as a ChannelEngine Partner, support this.

What is ChannelEngine?

The European e-commerce marketplace offers tremendous opportunities for brands looking to grow and expand. ChannelEngine is a powerful platform that makes this growth easy by providing access to and simplifying the management of multiple European marketplaces.With ChannelEngine, you can effortlessly list your products on various European platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Bol and Zalando, significantly expanding your reach. The platform centralizes the management of product information, allowing you to easily synchronize descriptions, prices and stock levels across all connected marketplaces. This ensures consistency and reduces manual errors.

ChannelEngine also streamlines order processing by centrally managing orders from different marketplaces and automatically forwarding them to your existing order management systems. This increases efficiency and minimizes errors.

In addition, ChannelEngine provides flexible pricing strategies that automatically adjust based on competition and demand, as well as real-time inventory synchronization to prevent overselling. Comprehensive reporting and analytics give you insight into your sales performance, allowing you to make strategic decisions and optimize your sales strategies.

ChannelEngine supports multiple currencies, languages and logistics partners, allowing you to easily operate internationally. All this makes ChannelEngine the ideal partner to grow your brand in European marketplaces, allowing you to focus on expansion without worrying about the operational details. 

Key features 

1. Product management and listing automation:
  • Centralized management: ChannelEngine provides a centralized dashboard that allows brands to manage all their product information. This includes product descriptions, pricing, inventory levels and more.
  • Automatic synchronization: The platform automatically synchronizes this information to all connected marketplaces, ensuring consistency and accuracy without manual updates.
2. Order management and fulfillment:
  • Automated order processing: Orders from different marketplaces are centrally managed and automatically forwarded to the brand’s existing order management system, reducing processing time.
  • Efficient fulfillment: ChannelEngine supports various fulfillment strategies, including directly from the brand’s warehouse, dropshipping, or through fulfillment centers of the marketplaces themselves.
3. Price management and optimization:
  • Dynamic pricing strategies: Brands can set advanced pricing rules that automatically adjust based on competition, demand, and inventory levels.
  • Promotion management: The platform supports managing discounts and promotions across different marketplaces, which helps drive sales.
4. Stock synchronization:
  • Real-time updates: Inventory levels are updated in real time across all channels, minimizing the risk of overselling and maximizing customer satisfaction.
5. Reporting & Analysis:
  • Comprehensive reporting: ChannelEngine provides detailed reports and analytics that provide insight into sales performance, inventory management, and customer behavior.
  • Data-driven decisions: These insights help brands make strategic decisions and continually optimize their sales strategies.

Benefits of ChannelEngine

1. Range and Growth:
  • By offering products on multiple marketplaces, brands can significantly expand their reach and enter new markets without additional marketing efforts.
  • The ability to easily sell on international marketplaces helps brands strengthen their global presence.
  • Access to 950+ worldwide sales channels.
2. Efficiency and cost savings:
  • Process automation saves time and resources, allowing brands to improve their operational efficiency.
  • Reduction of manual errors and the need for manual updates lowers operational costs.
3. Flexibility and scalability:
  • ChannelEngine is flexible and scalable, meaning it can easily grow with the needs of the brand, whether adding new products or expanding into new marketplaces.
  • The platform supports multiple currencies, languages and logistics partners, which is crucial for brands looking to operate internationally.
4. Competitive Advantage:
  • Advanced pricing and inventory management strategies allow brands to remain competitive across marketplaces, which is essential in the dynamic e-commerce marketplace.
  • Faster and more efficient order fulfillment contributes to a better customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Silver Partnership

Brand New Digital is a proud Silver Partner of ChannelEngine, which means we have extensive expertise and experience in implementing and optimizing ChannelEngine for our clients. Our partnership offers brands the following benefits:

  • Consulting and strategy: We help brands develop an effective strategy for using ChannelEngine, tailored to their specific goals and needs.
  • Implementation and Integration: Our team of experts ensures a seamless integration of ChannelEngine with a brand’s existing systems so they can get off to a fast start.
  • Training and support: We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure brands get the most out of ChannelEngine.
  • Optimization: On an ongoing basis, we analyze and optimize performance across marketplaces so that brands can continuously grow and improve.
With our deep knowledge and experience in e-commerce, combined with ChannelEngine’s powerful tools, Brand New Digital helps brands reach their full potential on European marketplaces. Whether you’re an established player looking to expand your reach or a new brand looking to gain a foothold, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
Want to learn more about ChannelEngine’s capabilities or need help integrating or using the platform? Contact us today and we’ll help you with any questions.
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