We are now a Verified Amazon Ads Partner

We have achieved a significant milestone with our recent recognition as a Verified Amazon Ads Partner. This designation is awarded to companies that have demonstrated expertise in running successful Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns for their clients. We have been working with Amazon Ads for several years, and offer a range of services such as consulting and reporting automation, to help brands focus on growing their business and engaging with customers.

Gijs van Male, the founder of Brand New Digital, expressed excitement about the new status as Verified Amazon Ads Partner and stated that it provides a further incentive to deliver highly optimized campaigns for clients. “As a leading Amazon Marketplace Agency, we work with businesses of all sizes across various industries, offering a full suite of ad products and Amazon Marketing Services to help them maximize their advertising strategies. Our team will continue to best serve brands looking to optimize their campaigns and help them take their advertising to the next level.”


Brand New Digital has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for their clients, with the use of advanced optimization tools and expertise in creating highly profitable Amazon Sponsored Ads. The company’s targeted campaign structures and efficient reporting system ensure improved bidding, lower ACoS, and accurate analytics, which lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales revenue.


Whether it’s through classic PPC models or utilizing the full potential of Amazon DSP, Brand New Digital implements the most effective and innovative advertising strategies that benefit the brand. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including seller consulting, account management, advertising optimization, imagery creation, A+ Content, and storefront design and listing optimization.

Reach out to Brand New Digital to learn how they can streamline your Amazon selling journey and help you achieve your goals.

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